Getting Started

Due to the modular nature of the library you can pick and chose modules, if you only need a select few.

sbt module IDs

val bmCommonsVersion: String = "0.4.0"

def bmCommons(m: String): ModuleID = "com.busymachines" %% s"busymachines-commons-$m" % bmCommonsVersion

val bmcCore:          ModuleID = bmCommons("core")                withSources ()
val bmcDuration:      ModuleID = bmCommons("duration")            withSources ()
//if you depend on effects, then no need to bring in the other three
val bmcEffects:       ModuleID = bmCommons("effects")             withSources ()
val bmcEffectsSync:   ModuleID = bmCommons("effects-sync")        withSources ()
val bmcEffectsSyncC:  ModuleID = bmCommons("effects-sync-cats")   withSources ()
val bmcEffectsAsync:  ModuleID = bmCommons("effects-async")       withSources ()
val bmcJson:          ModuleID = bmCommons("json")                withSources ()
val bmcRestCore:      ModuleID = bmCommons("rest-core")           withSources ()
val bmcRestJson:      ModuleID = bmCommons("rest-json")           withSources ()
val bmcSemVer:        ModuleID = bmCommons("semver")              withSources ()
val bmcSemVerParsers: ModuleID = bmCommons("semver-parsers")      withSources ()

val bmcRestJsonTK: ModuleID = bmCommons("rest-json-testkit") % Test withSources ()
val bmcRestCoreTK: ModuleID = bmCommons("rest-core-testkit") % Test withSources ()


Module Description Version
core semantically relevant exceptions Maven Central
duration durations with no special DSL and little bullshit Maven Central
effects-sync Result monad, and helpers for Option, Try, Either! Maven Central
effects-sync-cats Validated applicative, built on top of cats! Maven Central
effects-async easier Scala Future, cats IO Maven Central
effects both of the above! Maven Central
json all your json needs! Maven Central
rest-core straightforward use of akka-http Maven Central
rest-core-testkit concise DSL for writing REST level tests Maven Central
rest-json json implementation of rest-core Maven Central
rest-json-testkit REST endpoint testing DSL specialized for JSON input/output Maven Central
semver semantic version data-type with natural ordering Maven Central
semver-parsers text parser for above semantic version Maven Central

deprecated modules

This is a parallel module hierarchy whose json serialization is handled by spray-json. DO NOT use together with their non-deprecated counterpart. These will not live very long, use at your own risk. The same design rules were followed, and the rest packages are syntactically, and semantically almost identical to the non-deprecated counterparts. Using the json package differs the most.

These modules have been removed starting with version 0.4.0. In case any bugs are found, they will be fixed and released as version 0.2.x. Think parallel scala 2.11, and 2.12 series.

Module Description Version
json-spray spray analog of the the json module. Maven Central
rest-json-spray spray analog of rest-json module Maven Central
rest-json-spray-testkit spray analog of the rest-json-testkit module Maven Central